Q: What Does Tree Pruning Involve? 

A: Tree pruning is an essential aspect of our tree care service. When pruning your trees, our arborists will remove unhealthy and diseased branches. This service can restore the beauty of your trees while extending their life. Our crew uses professional tree pruning methods and tools to ensure the health of your trees.

Q: What is the Cost of Your Tree Removal Service?

A: Many property owners call us asking, how much does a tree removal service cost? Factors like tree size, type, diameter, tree amount, and proximity to buildings and utility lines affect the cost of tree removal. Nevertheless, we charge the most reasonable price for tree removal. Our crew will consider all these variables before providing a free tree removal estimate. What’s more, we aim to provide a professional, safe, and efficient tree removal service at the most reasonable price.

Q: What if I Can’t Afford a Tree Removal Service? 

A: North Charleston Tree Removal is the most cost-efficient tree care service in Columbia, SC. We charge affordable prices for all our tree services. Even if our tree removal service seems costly, call us, and we will find a way to help you. An unhealthy tree is a safety hazard to your family and property. What’s more, improper tree removal can lead to falling on your car, home, fence, or even your neighbor’s property. That’s why you shouldn’t leave this job to amateurs. Call us, and we’ll help you.

Q: Does My Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

A: Your property insurance might cover tree removal. However, this depends on your insurance policy. For instance, your insurance contract might cover tree removal if it has fallen on your property during a storm. Nevertheless, check with your insurance provider to determine whether your policy covers tree removal or you’ll pay out of your pocket. Regardless, our tree removal service is the most cost-efficient, and we work with all major insurance companies.

Q: How Does Tree Removal Play Into Taxes?

A: Perhaps, you’re wondering how tree removal can play into your tax-deductible. Generally, tree removal is deductible if it ensures your family’s safety, home’s, and property’s safety. That means you can file a claim for this service as an expense. Additionally, our service can be tax-deductible upon removing a tree after an unexpected storm or an accident that damages your tree. However, tree removal is not a deductible if the project is part of improving the look of your property or it’s not a risk to your property and its occupants. Nevertheless, check with your insurance provider for further clarification.

Q: What Does Tree Stump Removal Entail? 

A: Our crew will grind and remove the stump entirely. We use modern equipment to grind all stumps professionally and safely. Our knowledge, techniques, and vast experience enable us to handle any stump removal job more efficiently. Be confident that our experienced arborists will leave your property with a more beautiful look after grinding the unsightly stumps in your compound. Remember that a stump can be a safety hazard because your kids or visitors can trip on it and sustain severe injuries. Therefore, call us to grind any stump and make your property safer and more beautiful.

Q: How Do I Choose a Good Arborist?

A: Professional arborists are trained, certified, and experienced tree care experts. They hold valid licenses and have vast knowledge and experience in taking care of trees. At North Charleston Tree Removal, we have the most competent arborists offering our services. That means hiring us to take care of your trees means you’ll have the job done right the first time. Also, we will advise you on the best ways to take care of your trees. Be confident that our team will leave your trees and compound looking better than you found it. What’s more, we take an environmentally friendly approach when providing our services. That’s because we know the value of every tree in your compound, and we want it to grow healthier and more beautiful.

Q: How Do I Spot a Dead Tree?

A: Do you suspect that you have a dead tree in your compound? If yes, call us to help you determine the condition of your tree. Deciding whether the entire tree or its parts are dead is not simple if you don’t have the necessary skills. Our arborists will inspect your trees keenly to determine whether they are dead or it’s only a few branches you should remove. What’s more, we will check the trees to decide whether or not they pose any danger to your structure or family.