Effective Tree Preservation

Improper pruning, diseases, and storms can damage beautiful trees on residential and commercial properties. At North Charleston Tree Removal, we work with certified arborists to preserve trees in our clients’ compounds. If you have damaged trees, we can use different techniques, including treating diseases, supporting weak branches and stems, and implementing the best tree maintenance and care strategy. We aim to give all trees the best care while preventing damage or disease in the future.

If you have landmark trees, our certified arborists can protect their historical and economic value. Trunk, crown and roots damage can cause a decline or stress in your trees. That’s why some of your trees can take longer to become apparent. Our tree preservation service prevents damage like small leaf syndrome. What’s more, we take proactive measures that prevent the invasion of diseases, insects, and fungi.

The long-term stability and survival of essential trees require expert knowledge. Our crew can help with every aspect of tree preservation. We can guide you with all aspects of landscape maintenance, including grading, designing, and planning. Ideally, we offer innovative tree preservation services while working with your landscape architect to identify and preserve different trees.


Comprehensive Tree Preservation Services

Trees are a significant investment in your property or landscape. And taking care of the trees is essential to their overall health and growth. Apart from being beautiful, flourishing trees are low hazard risks during healthy storms. Thus, your trees won’t pose any threat to your loved ones when you hire us to preserve them. All our arborists are certified with the necessary knowledge to safeguard your trees.

Among the tree preservation services that we offer include: 

  • Tree health check
  • Damage assessment
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree cabling
  • Tree trimming

Our arborists will guide you in determining the best way to preserve your trees. If you have an upcoming construction or landscape upgrade and want to protect some trees, our arborists can help you. Construction actions like excavation can damage the root structure of your trees. They can also harm established trees on your property. Luckily, you can work with North Charleston Tree Removal to preserve such trees.

Custom Tree Preservation Plans

Perhaps, you have declining or damaged trees in your compound. Maybe you need professional assistance to give such trees the attention they deserve. Our arborists at North Charleston Tree Removal can help you evaluate compromised trees and determine the most appropriate action.

After identifying weak trees, we can develop their restoration plan, design, and even implement a custom treatment strategy. Alternatively, we can remove the trees you don’t need from your property. We genuinely care about your trees’ safety and health. That’s why we aim to preserve every tree by providing the necessary support. Ideally, we want your trees to thrive while ensuring the safety of your property occupants.

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Maybe you don’t know the best way to preserve your trees. Perhaps, you have weak trees that you want to protect from lightning and other risks. Our crew can help you maintain any tree on your property. Stop searching for phrases like “tree preservation near me” and call us now. We guarantee you the best tree preservation service in North Charleston, SC, and nearby areas.

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