Professional Emergency Tree Service

When a safe tree becomes dangerous, you need our emergency tree service in Columbia, SC, and nearby areas. Lightning or storm can strike and destabilize your trees, making them a hazard. Luckily, you can call us to remove such trees to prevent possible injuries and property damage. At North Charleston Tree Removal, we understand your need for an emergency tree service. That’s why we move with speed whenever you enlist our emergency service.

Our arborists work around the clock providing high-quality tree services. What’s more, we have a team working beyond the regular working hours to ensure your property and loved ones’ safety. All our arborists respond swiftly and assess the emergency with your trees. Whether the tree requiring immediate removal is large or small, we have the necessary expertise for the job. We’re well-equipped to handle any emergency tree removal job. Our crew undergoes regular training to ensure safety when providing our emergency tree service. We assure you that your property and trees will be in safe hands once you hire us to take care of your situation.



Why You Need a Professional Emergency Tree Service

Removing a hazardous tree is a risky job requiring skills and experience. Our professional arborists have the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to remove a dangerous tree from your compound safely. Trying to do the job alone can damage your home or cause severe injuries. And fixing such issues will cost you more than you can pay for our emergency tree service.

Our crew has the necessary training and equipment to clean your landscape after removing a hazardous tree. Thus, using our service will save you aggravation and time. Ideally, hiring our professional emergency tree service will leave you with a clean and beautiful yard. What’s more, we save you the time you would spend working on the hazardous trees.

Signs that You Need an Emergency Tree Service

Perhaps, you have a tree in your property that needs immediate removal, but you’re unsure whether you should treat it as an emergency. If you think a tree is unsafe for your property and family, call North Charleston Tree Removal for consultation. Our crew will assess your tree to determine whether it’s a safety hazard you should treat as an emergency.

Here are signs that you need our emergency tree service: 

  • You have a tree with many dying or dead branches
  • You have a tree whose limbs are close to utility lines or touching power lines
  • A tree in your backyard has a peeling bark
  • A tree in your backyard has a hollow trunk with fungal infections
  • A tree leans on nearby plants for support
  • A tree with exposed or unhealthy roots

If you have a tree in any of these conditions, our arborists should assess it to determine whether it can fall, lift, or break at any time. Ideally, you should avoid keeping a tree if you feel it might be unsafe. Contact us to hire our emergency tree service today!