Tree Cabling Services

North Charleston Tree Removal is the company to contact whenever you need help with tree cabling. Cabling and bracing your trees are preventative and proactive techniques for supporting them if they have a weak or poor structure. Our tree cabling service can minimize stress damage on trees from snow or ice weight, high wind, and heavy foliage.

Our crew installs flexible and strong strand cables to strengthen weak limbs and branches. We have experienced arborists that will identify and examine weak points, large barks, and stems that may signal the weak points of your trees that need cabling or bracing. After cabling your trees, they will need minimal but essential maintenance. What’s more, our arborists can inspect the cabling hardware periodically.


Use Our Tree Cabling Service to Prepare Your Trees for Bad Weather

A severe storm can bring fierce winds that can damage your trees. Using our tree cabling service is a proactive way to reduce wreckage, risk, and costs that may come with the aftermath of a severe storm.

Cabling your trees will enable them to endure heavy rain and vicious winds. That’s because we cable weak limbs and branches in readiness for a bad weather condition. Our certified arborists will reinforce your tree structure to increase safety and extend their life.

Signs That Trees Need Cabling

Perhaps, you are wondering whether you need our tree cabling service. Maybe you think your trees can withstand any weather condition. If unsure whether you should cable your trees, the following signs should guide you.

  • Codominant stems: Maybe you’ve noticed two or more main branches with a similar diameter emerging from one location of the main trunk. As your tree grows, you might see that none of the stems becomes dominant. Unfortunately, the junctions between these stems could be the weakest point of your tree. Therefore, your tree could be at risk of failure because a plant with several stems is susceptible to breakage during severe weather. Cabling such a tree can strengthen and extend its life.
  • Open wounds: An open wound in a trunk or branch can expose your tree to fungi or harmful diseases. And this can weaken your tree if you don’t hire an expert to cable them.
  • Damage control: Tree cabling protects property and family by reducing the possibility of a tree limb failure to a healthy plant. If your trees lose their major limbs, they may look lopsided. Tree cabling can prevent this by controlling possible damage.

Our arborists can drill holes in your tree trunk or branch and insert cables that secure even the weakest trees. Perhaps, you’re worried that the tree may look unsightly after cabling. However, we use subtle cabling that may even be unnoticeable.

Hire Tree Cabling by the Best Arborists

Maybe you’re searching for a phrase like “tree cabling near me” online because you’ve noticed weak multi-stem trees in your compound. Our professionals at North CharlestonTree Removal offer a safe, affordable, and professional tree cabling service. Our crew uses the best tools, techniques, and materials to protect and secure the trunks and branches of your trees. If you notice a tree with an open wound or codominant stems, call us, and we will be glad to cable it for you.